Neither of the Koreas recognize each other. Given that neither of the Korean governments recognize the other as legitimate, when asked they will claim that the other nation is an impostor and deny their existence. [image source]

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Japan and Philippines had their first date in Paco. [image source]

Paco is formerly called Dilao and was the place where the Japanese migrants settled in the 1600s.

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Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines all love using coconut milk in their food. [image source]

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There are times when election jingles really irritate Philippines.

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For Japan, it was China…

,..and it made the betrayal that much worse. 

Fem!South Korea has 2 wardrobes. One is the one she wears for traditional clothing, while the other closet was the one she wears for fun.

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The only thing South Korea wants from Japan is a sincere apology. Japan’s pride doesn’t let him.

[image source]

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Huge Headcanon — Mind Palace


Yao has an excellent memory with relatively few faults considering how long he has lived. With amazing fluency and memorisation capabilities, it’s something of a wonder that he can actually internalise information still.

It just so happens that a few thousand years ago, he found the perfect system: a mind palace. 

Also known as the method of loci, a mind palace is a type of mnemonic accredited to Simonides of ancient Greece. It involves memorising the layout of a building or an arrangement of shops or really anything with specific loci, and then visualising and mentally navigating this map in order to find information.

Naturally, a lot of people will snap to this:


But I’m actually being kind of serious.

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This reminds me a bit of the Gate of Truth from FMA too.

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Japan’s reaction to how foreigners view and digest Japan ranges from mild annoyance to total bewilderment. He can be naive in that sense.

He doesn’t like lawbreakers, though.


China likes watching One Piece.

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